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My daughter loves this. The only thing I wish is that it wasn't so expensive. I can't buy it all the time that's for sure.

This is the best makeup set!

My 5 year old daughter loves to use my makeup and I realized I needed to order her own! She absolutely loves Jovy and I highly recommend it. I love that it is safe for her skin, too!

Tween Tested, Mom Approved!

Jovy makeup has become a staple in our house! My 10 year-old loves playing with makeup, and Jovy gives her a safe, fun way to experiment. As a mom, I can relax knowing the clean formulas are gentle on her skin. No more worrying about weird chemicals or breakouts!

Jovy's colors are amazing! They're vibrant but still age-appropriate, perfect for a tween who wants to look her best. The makeup goes on smoothly and washes away easily, so it's mess-free fun. Plus, Jovy even has these cool stencils that add a whole new level of creativity.

Sure, Jovy might cost a little more than other brands, but the quality is fantastic. It gives my daughter a chance to explore makeup without me freaking out. Plus, it's way better than her borrowing my stuff! Jovy gets a 10 out of 10 from both of us!


I was very pleased with this make-up. It was for my 10 year old daughter. I like that the colors are subtle, the smell is pleasant and it washes off easily. I hope the company starts offering refills, because I don't want to buy a new bag and brush when we run out.

Safe and fun

My daughter loves her Jovy makeup kit and I’m so happy and relieved knowing it’s EWG approved. The colors are beautiful and we love the sparkles and the delicious berry scent. We highly recommend it!

The best play makeup!!

My girls love it! Bright enough to be fun for them but not bright enough to where it doesn’t wipe off!! My girls also have the most sensitive skin and this hasn’t irritated it at all!

Love it

My daughter loves the product. It’s glittery and brings subtle color which is perfect for a little girl. And most importantly it’s clean. Thank you Jovy!

Berry Bliss Play Makeup Kit
The Blossoming Mama
The best play makeup!!

My eight-year-old always wants to play with make up, but I’m super picky about ingredients. I love that we found Jovy! As a mom, and a holistic health practitioner this is a product that I can absolutely stand by with the clean ingredients they use. The makeup is also very good quality, smells good, and is super easy to clean up and wash off! IWe have the Berry Bliss Makeup Kit, and my daughter hasn’t stopped talking about how much she loves it. She brings the lipgloss everywhere we go.

AMAZING product

I can't say enough amazing things about the Berry Bliss play makeup. I love how it is a super clean makeup for kids and washes off easily with just water. The colors of the eyeshades and blush are the perfect shade and the perfect amount of glitter. My daughter absolutely loves this makeup kit and is already asking for me for more.

The best gift

My daughter is crazy about makeup but I was worried about the chemicals. But I found jovy and I’m in love!. My daughter love it. It doesn’t have that weird kids makeup.
The colors are bright and it easy to wash it. I highly recommend

My daughter loves it!!!

Every morning my daughter watches me put on my makeup and always wants to help! Now she has a clean version just for herself!!! She loves it!!!

Amazing products!

My little girl loves this set. She really enjoyed it, she likes the light blue shade the most because it is extremely visible and has a lot of glitter. And she really liked the lip gloss because I always prevent her from putting mine on because of the ingredients. Now she could enjoy herself and I don't worry about toxins. Huge recommendation from me!

Awesome kid safe makeup for the win!

My daughter loves to play pretend and I don't like buying the cheap makeup toys so i used to let her play with mine! Until i found out about JOVY, the set is so cute and fun but most importantly doesn't contain harsh chemicals and actually has ingredients that help moisturise and nourish the skin. Definitely recommend 💯

The best little girl make up

We have enjoyed our make up so much!! My daughter has loved playing dress up with this. I as a mother love how these products are safe for her!!

Berry Bliss Play Makeup Kit
Danielle Mitchell
Kid's Makeup is a HIT

As the mom of twin eight-year-old girls who love playing with make-up, I was highly impressed with this product. I was always told it was better to buy regular adult make-up since kids' make-up was not EWG-certified, so I was thrilled to find out that this was the only kid's makeup to have that EWG stamp of approval.

The Berry Bliss Makeup Kit's packaging exudes an irresistible charm, combining an adorable aesthetic with a touch of sophistication. The colors were all very pretty, shimmery, and age-appropriate and showed up well on their skin. Their favorite part was the lipgloss, they couldn't stop re-applying it all day!

I would highly recommend this product and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things this company is going to do in the future.

Berry Bliss Play Makeup Kit
Rhimmel Charaf Eldin
I loved it excellent for our little ones to experience

My daughter always sees me putting on makeup and wants to do it too, now with these products I'm not going to be afraid for her skin or that it will hurt her health. 100% recommended


I gave this to my 6 year old daughter and she loves it. She is no longer stealing my makeup because hers is just as good and I don’t have to worry about any harsh ingredients going on her little face. WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT!!


I absolutely loved this product for my daughter! It had just enough pigment to keep her happy and just enough for me to allow her to do it all on her own! It made her happy and gave her a sense of independence that her sisters have. I really love this product and I’m actually going to borrow a little eyeshadow!

Best of the best kids cosmetics ❤️

I’m strong recommendation. This is an incredibly pleasant experience. My daughter was very happy with such cosmetics, and now, as a mother, I am not at all worried that it could harm her, because it is really safe for children, we have been using it for a week and have not seen any allergic reactions. This is definitely the best children's cosmetics we have tried!

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Safe, fun and convenient

My daughters love their Jovy set. I got one for my 3yo and 7yo. They’ve been wanting a play make up set for a long time but I never bought one because none in the market felt safe. This has been a great way for the girls to bond and express themselves in a new way. As a working mom, I love this is something that my girls can play with without much supervision and it is not messy!. The little bag and the compact eye shadows help keep things clean and organized. I also love the convenience, the colors are fun for my girls but subtle enough that I don’t feel I have to clean their faces every time we have to leave the house.

Perfect first make up

I’m very particular over anything that comes in contact with my children - has to be clean, non toxic, organic, etc. I was so happy to find make up meant for kids with clean ingredients I can trust. My young daughters both love to play with the makeup and can apply it with ease and with no mess either!

Love it

My girls love this makeup set. They’ve been asking for one for so long but I was always concerned over the ingredients. Love that I don’t have to worry about what they’re putting on their skin with Jovy. Have recommended to a few friends too.


So cute and my daughter loved it. Thank you!

Perfect for my granddaughter

My granddaughter has been asking for make up but her mom
is very careful with whatever she puts on her skin. I sent the product link for mom’s approval and she said yes!!! This must really be something good. I hope my granddaughter likes it.


This makeup is really cute & safe. Mom approved!